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Email Marketing Pays For Itself. Literally.


First, let’s get a few things out of the way so we can talk about Email Marketing in the right context. Email Marketing:

  • IS NOT sending one email, getting no responses, and calling it a bust. That’s Social Media Marketing (just kidding…)
  • IS using the RIGHT platform to send a series of emails that tell a story and are based upon user behavior.
  • IS a powerful tool that engages customers and encourages them to act on a specific goal.
  • CAN provide amazing results when done correctly.

Specificity is the Key

Just like when you’re building a business or that year’s marketing plan, the key to success is specific goals around specific areas. When you’re growing your business, you’re not taking a scattershot approach and hoping for the best but adding specific products and services that customers need or are requesting to deliver desired results. A good email marketing campaign should be structured around the same idea: specific goals. Sending an email to your customers that says “Hey, how are you doing?” isn’t going to get you good results.

Building a campaign of a series of emails around a specific service with a particular goal in mind, will.

Tell a Story

Human brains are wired for narratives. We love stories. Email is just another avenue to tell a story. Modern email design allows for a variety of ways to tell a story with images and text that engage users. Add to that the timing of the emails and the ability to act upon their behavior and you can carefully take the user along a designated path to a specific goal.

Email is NOT dead

I read email. I imagine you do too. I’d say email is still very alive. Like text messages, there’s something about the intimacy of emails when they come right to your device with a little DING!

Email, in terms of tracking marketing results, is one of the most effective tools because a marketer can see whether a user read, acted upon, or didn’t do anything with an email. With the right platform, you can also act upon that action or inaction. You can’t have that level of control with social media, mail, newspapers, commercials, and a lot of other advertising avenues.

+ Website

While email can exist in its own world, it’s even more effective when paired with a website designed to provide the actions and content that you want users to act upon. Meaning: the website has pages that receive the buttons on the email to get users to buy something or book a meeting. It also has testimonials that speak to your awesomeness and lays out how a project works so that there’s no confusion on the part of the user. A good website should fit in perfectly with a good email marketing strategy to be a powerful tool driving your business in the background.


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