The Way It’s Always Been Done

I’ve heard this line from many companies from my early days working at bookstore to recent conversations with clients: “Because we’ve always done it that way.” Companies have workflows that they’ve done the same way year and year and to change them would be to upset the apple cart. But it’s not a viable excuse anymore when you’ve got access to programs and platforms that can not only increase efficiency but also improve the bottom line.

Not to mention, that most companies are running on reduced staff and dealing with rising costs. Employees are doing the job of two people nowadays and just trying to get the work that they have done. Thinking about undertaking a change in workflows seems impossible.

But to be honest, now is the best time. With help.

Automation Options

So what the heck do I mean by automation? Automation, in business terms, is using platforms and programs to automate tasks that normally employees would do by hand.

These tasks can be anything from:

  • Entering customer information,
  • Notifying customers about appointments,
  • Keeping track of sales leads
  • Invoicing,
  • Collecting payments,
  • Sending receipts,
  • etc.

Anything short of speaking to customers on the phone can be automated if the right workflows are put in place. And even some of that could be automated also.

If you think about it, all those tasks that employees are doing repeatedly are taking away from time that they could be talking to customers or doing something else that could improve results.

If you can think of a handful of things that employees do by hand day-in, day-out, there is an automation tool out there that can do that task and free up your employee’s time.

But you need to know what that tool is. That’s where I come in.

How I Can Help

I love new software. I really do. I love exploring new tools to see if they do a better job than the one that I have. Over the years, I have found all kinds of systems and tools for clients to use and I’m continually looking for new ones.

By working with me, I can speed up the process because I already know many of the major platforms on the market. I can help your business find, implement, and utilize the right tools to speed up processes, improve the bottom line, and create reporting.

My Process

Everything starts with a conversation so here’s the way that I have found works the best for my clients and I:

  1. We’ll talk about the way that you do things and the people that do them.
  2. I’ll look into the tools that I know and research others to find options to recommend. I’m going to be looking for tools that could also interface with your website to improve results. I will give you a written report along with pricing and my fees to be part of the implementation.
  3. If you decide to go through with the recommendations, I’ll either handle the adoption of the platforms myself or in conjunction with the platform to make sure that your process is created the way you want it.
  4. I will make sure the right people are trained properly to ensure the success of the adoption.

I will always be available to answer questions and provide support when I can.