Fixed-Time Marketing

What the $%(% is Fixed-Time Marketing?

Fixed-Time Marketing is a solution that CWT Websites introduced this year in response to client feedback. In speaking to clients across multiple industries, there was a desire for them to be able to present business goals and receive solutions, tools, and services that could help increase their goals.

CWT Websites offers blocks of time so that customers can access the consulting, development, and execution of marketing strategies on these goals. It could be social media marketing. It could be website design. It could be researching and implementing a Customer Relationship Management tool to track leads. It could be building automation between software to improve sales staff metrics. It’s probably a combination of these and more.

Fixed-Time Marketing Details 

 Monthly Cost     

The monthly cost for 10-hour per month Fixed-Time Marketing block is $500 a month.

 Monthly Hours 

Each month, I would lay out and get approved the goals for that month, do the research that is needed, present the strategies, and execute on the proposal within the given time that I have left. If I do not use the time left in that month, the client can suggest tasks that I could do with that time or we will bank some of the time to the next month (see below). I will suggest things also that I could do.

 Time Banking 

  • For 5 hours, 1 hour can be rolled over.
  • For 10 hours, 3 hours can be rolled over.
  • For 20 hours, 5 hours can be rolled over.


I will set up a monthly subscription in Stripe for the amount. You will be charged the first of the month for that month. That subscription will continue month to month until the service is changed or cancelled. 

Changing / Canceling Service  

There is no contract and this service can be changed / cancelled at any time. I will present an invoice you for the work that I did as well as any costs that I incurred in undertaking this service. I will deduct that amount from the amount I already charged you for the month and reimburse you the difference in Stripe. I do ask that you message me as far in advance as you can as my time is limited.