Website Design

Second or Third Time Around the Block

I think by this point, we can dispense with any conversations about why companies need a website. The benefits of being visible online and how a website can impact a business are well-documented.

I imagine that if your company has been around awhile, your current website is probably the second, third, or more website that you’ve had built. Each time, you’ve probably been able to focus more and more on what users are looking for when they come to your website and what you would like to see get out of it.

However, if you are working on your first website, congratulations! Building a website is an exciting time for a company.

What Should a Website Do?

Beyond the nice fonts and cool pictures and great language, a website should do more than just look nice. It should drive your company forward. It should be a major agent of the company. Like another employee, the website should have workflows built into it to get users to act on specific triggers and actions.

Yes, the right combination of images and fonts are important. Marketing, of course, is an art but if you’re going to go through all the effort to make your website look impressive, shouldn’t it do something impressive also.

What do I mean by that?

Let’s say that you are trying to get people to sign up for a service. You have all the right language (descriptions of user pain points, reviews, and calls to action) and art on the website to convince that user to contact you, do you just put your phone number and hope for the best? Or do you put a form that sends an email to the staff? Maybe have chat capabilities? Even better, how about a way to schedule a call-back conversation?

Leading your user to the thing you want them to do means connecting them with a way to do that right then and there.

More than Just Website Design

At the core of what I do, helping companies do more with technology starts with the website. Getting to know your business through-and-through, I get a clear idea of what you want users to do. I then assemble assets, language, and style choices to create an engaging website that works seamlessly on desktop, mobile, and anything in between. My websites look good and drive users to the actions that you want them to take. I then connect those actions to platforms that automate tasks, communicate with customers, and unify data.

If you would like to learn more about how I build websites or my history, click the links.

My Process

Everything starts with a conversation so here’s the way that I have found works the best for my clients and I:

  1. We’ll talk about your business, current website, and overall goals of the website.
  2. I’ll create a detailed report of your current website, business goals, and a game plan of what I recommend regarding your website. I will also research tools and platforms that your website could connect to in order to act on goals and improve efficiency.
  3. If you decide to act on my proposal, I’ll design a mock-up offline or online so that you can start to get the look and feel of the website.
  4. During this process, if there are any automated tools that you agree to implement, I will start to develop any processes that will connect tools to the website.
  5. Upon approval of mock-up, I will build the website, getting final approval before project finish.
  6. When all is done and approved, I will launch the website and train any staff on updating content.
  7. Any outstanding work regarding automation, data structuring, or email marketing will then be worked on.

I am always available to answer questions and provide support.