What I Do

I Build Websites

Using WordPress and other technologies, I build websites that look good, have a strong SEO performance, and help drive companies forward. Getting to know your business through-and-through, I get a clear idea of what you want users to do. I then assemble assets, language, and style choices to create an engaging website that works seamlessly on desktop, mobile, and anything in between. My websites drive users to the actions that you want them to take. I then connect those actions to platforms that automate tasks, communicate with customers, and unify data.

I Design and Implement Email Marketing Strategies

Using the best email platforms on the market, I help companies design, build, and automate email platforms that deliver results. With specific goals in mind, I design emails that onboard customers, report information, set the tone for future engagements, and continually provide multiple opportunities to engage the company. I build email marketing plans comprised of many entry points into the platform, a variety of campaigns and journeys that customers move in and out of, and strong reporting system to provide meaningful metrics.

I Connect Companies to Automation

With a strong understanding of the tools that are on the market, I help companies find automation platforms and technology to improve efficiency and free up manpower for other tasks. I build a strong understanding of company workflows, resources, and overall goals and design strategies that tap into platforms to automate tasks. I then connect these platforms to each other utilizing the website, custom code, or other technologies to deliver seamless integration.

I Help Companies Use Their Data Better

One of the usual untapped assets for a company is their data. Whether customer data, product data, or marketing data, I help companies unify the storage, structure, and access of data. I identify opportunities for that data to be used to improve the bottom line and customer service interactions. I also develop opportunities for companies to share product data with vendors, customers, and other companies to automate time-consuming tasks and ensure data accuracy.