CWT Websites

Picture of Raymond M Rose and Elisa Rose at Blue Elephant in Pottstown PA

CWT Websites + Marketing (named after the first initials of my kids’ names) introduces companies to tools and strategies that transform their business. Using website design, email marketing, automation, and data structuring, I build systems, strategies, and workflows that deliver on overall goals, improve efficiency, and increase customer engagement.

About Me

Over the past 40 some-odd years, I’ve worked in many different industries, worn a lot of hats, and learned a lot of things. From selling books in mall bookstores, advocating on behalf of consumers, building websites for marketing companies, to working for myself, everything has centered around communication, understanding what the customer needs, and putting in place the strategies and processes that deliver those results.

I’ve always had an interest and aptitude for technology from my early days writing programs on my Commodore 64 to later years exploring WordPress way back in 2010. That love of technology lead me to a degree in Information Systems at Albright University, where I was introduced to computer programming. As I explored different programming languages and website design, I saw opportunities for them to overlap and began to build systems that connected websites to platforms.

Outside of my professional life, I have a wonderful family, various pets, and serve my community in a variety of different volunteer organizations from Cub Scouts / Boy Scouts, involvement in my local schools, and advocacy.