Boyertown State Theatre

Image of Boyertown State Theatre Logo

CWT Websites has built two websites for Boyertown State Theatre. The current website is built with React and WordPress to make it fast, easy to find out movie times, and buy tickets.

Mosaic CLT

Image of Mosaic CLT's logo

CWT Websites has built two websites for Mosaic CLT. Recently, we updated their website and built out tools so that users can make donations to the organization as well as become members easier.

Boyertown Area Historical Society

Image of Boyertown Area Historical Society's Logo

Replacing a much-older hardcoded website, CWT Websites built an easy-to-use and -update WordPress website with Event Management and eCommerce tools.

Lower Merion Housing Authority

Logo for Lower Merion Affordable Housing

Hired by Lower Merion Housing Authority to transition them from a legacy hardcoded website to something that staff could update easier, CWT Websites built them a WordPress-based website. We also designed applications and other forms in order to help automate and digitize some of their workflows.

Pottstown Housing Coalition

Logo for Pottstown Housing Coalition

Pottstown Housing Coalition came to CWT Websites because of our work on Mosciac Community Land Trust’s website. Understanding all the moving pieces of this organization and its goals, we began to build a website that unified all the content and presented it in a digestible format.

Long Lake Foundation

Image of Long Lake Foundation's Logo

Changing as the Foundation has changed, this current website strikes the balance between the future goals of the Foundation as well as its current situation: operating a thrift store as a way of outreach to the community.